OME Certification Customization Digital Baby Thermometer Waterproof Medical Smart Thermometer BH-757

OME Certification Customization Digital Baby Thermometer Waterproof Medical Smart Thermometer BH-757

Cute Pet – Bath Playmate: Intelligent temperature measurement, let you enjoy relieved bathes each quarter.
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: Babyhood
Item Name:Baby Thermometer
Item Number: BH-757
Material: ABS+TPE
Season: All-Season
Packing: Color Box,and we also accept OEM.

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Features: Scientific measurement; reassuring
Solution; embedded temperature; it has interest modelling.
Cute Carton Design: Elk thermometer; horse thermometer; puppy thermometer and etc.
Attractive Appearance: The choice of colors and shapes is so appealing, which will cause every baby use it as a fun bath toy.
Eco-friendly Material: Safe and odorless, resistant to fall hit. The raw material does not contain bisphenol A, has good toughness, high temperature resistance, and is smooth without hurting hands.
Security: The glass tube has built-in temperature sensing solution, which is not afraid of rupturing and overflowing. (without the mercury).
Life Span: Embedded temperature sensing rod can avoid external force damage and use longer.
Accurate Temperature Sensing: Fully contact the temperature sensing tube to know the change of water temperature in time. And it drains quickly to avoid ponding and cause bacterial proliferation.
Why Choose Baby Bath Thermometer?
The baby thermometer can let you quickly, gently and accurately measure the baby's bath water temperature, so that the baby can bathe at the most comfortable temperature.
It displays the water temperature in real time and provides your baby with a professional water temperature monitor.
1.It’s suitable for 2-7 years old kids.
2.To avoid choking risks, please pack up the plastic bag and small parts.
3.Keep away from fire.
4.Don’t worry about the power consumption of the thermometer. After measuring the water temperature, we will mainly take it out of the water and dry it.
Do not leave children alone with this product.

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