How to choose baby high chair

It is very important to cultivate good dining habit of babies, baby high chair also became the necessaries of our family.For babies who eat in the baby high chair, it is more labor-saving and convenient for mothers to feed, and it can also cultivate their good habit of eating independently. However, choosing things for your baby is a troublesome thing. Today's market is full of dazzling styles and functions. It's not easy to buy a dining chair that is really suitable for your baby.The selection of baby high chair is mainly divided into the following points.
1.Firm and Reliable.
The children's dining chair is usually relatively high. If the stability is poor or the safety belt is not firm, it will easily lead to the lively baby falling. When purchasing, you can shake the dining chair to see whether it is stable.
All parts of children's baby high chair shall be safe. The surface of the product shall be smooth without burrs and sharp parts. The foldable parts shall be provided with safety protection to avoid pinching the baby.
Choose products without smell. Whether it is a wooden dining chair or a plastic dining chair, it is required that there must be no peculiar smell, especially the pungent smell. These products may contain substances harmful to human body.
Choose comfortable products. When purchasing baby high chairs, in addition to combining the baby's preferences, we should also pay attention to the selection of products with good comfort. If they are not comfortable enough, the baby may be easy to cry and make trouble, thus affecting the baby's appetite.
In addition, whether integrated or split, when choosing baby high chair, pay attention to the following points:
1.Choose a stable chair with a wide base, and the chair will not be easy to overturn.
2.The edge is not sharp. If it is made of wood, there should be no burrs.
3.The depth of the seat is suitable for the baby, and the baby can move on it.

Post time: May-05-2022