How to choose baby bathtub

In the hot summer, infants are sweating because of frequent disorderly movement. Helping the baby take a bath is what mother often does. The baby's comfortable bathtub is a necessity. Can't any bathtub be used? In fact, it's not. It's important to choose what's suitable for your baby.

1.The material
When parents and friends choose a bathtub for children, the material it uses is more key, and plastic is generally used. But it should also be safe and non-toxic, there will not be too much pungent taste, adults can smell it first, for the baby to do a smell experience. In case the strong smell makes him feel uncomfortable while he is in this space.

2.The design
Different age groups of babies use the bath tub will have different requirements, choose the right is more key. 0 to half a year old baby in the body bones have not developed well, more suitable for lying posture to take a bath, so you can choose a horizontal bath, so when staying inside will be comfortable. Children of 6 months above can sit, can choose the tub that sits type.

3.The size
In terms of size, some parents may not know how to choose. It is suggested that the bath should not be too big. It is best to pull both sides of the baby's hands, which can also give the baby a sense of security. If it is too big, the little one may drink water and choke the little one while moving around inside.

4.Drainage function
After giving the baby a comfortable bath, how to deal with the water inside. Had better be to choose the bath basin that takes drainage system, can discharge water automatically so, need not trouble the trouble that the parent pours water, also relaxed and convenient a lot of.

Post time: May-05-2022